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Vinoenasia import

China, a Market Full of Barriers:

In the beginning, VinoenAsia started like so many others: participating in trade fairs in China with the aim of finding good importers. The problem we found is the following: for every 100 visitors to an exhibition, only 10 are importers... and we are hundreds of wineries trying to catch their attention. ​ It doesn't seem like the numbers are on our side.


But if only 10 out of 100 are importers, who is the rest? Well, distributors (large and small), businessman who need wine for the gift channel. Let's not fool ourselves, these people have money to buy large volumes, they just don't know or want to know about logistics. Or they simply do not have an import license. ​


Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to sell directly to them? If a distributor can buy a pallet from me, why would I need an importer? ​

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Introducing: VinoenAsia import

What is VinoenAsia Import? ​

A mini wechat program. It is not an app that you need to download, or that may be blocked in China. Scan the QR by wechat and that's it, you have it on your phone. ​


How much does it cost?

VinoenAsia Import is FREE


What is it for?

VinoenAsia import performs an instant quote of the cost of transport and importation of any batch of wine, from any point in Spain to any of the largest Chinese ports. And if the quote is to your liking, we also proceed to execute the shipment.

In addition, if you or your client do not have an import license, we will put the license in the name of your buyer.

In short, thanks to this app you will be able to export not only to importers, but also to distributors, entrepreneurs or any other.




Control Panel:

1. Enter the basic data: Where does the wine come from? How many pallets? Do you want thermal blanket? How many references does the order include?

2. Depending on the number of wines in the order, a table will be adapted. Fill in the two values: Price and Volume.

3. Tap Calculate.


1. EXW: Reflects the price of the wine at origin, simply as a reference for the winery.

2. CIF: price of the wine placed in any of the major ports in China. Includes export procedures, shipping and minimum insurance. 3. DDP: includes all expenses from when the wine leaves the winery to the Chinese port, as well as the cost of importation (tariffs, rates, exchange rate...). In other words: the price of wine ready to pick up at the port.


Do you want to ship? Click on "buy", and we will immediately contact you to confirm the order. From here, we take care of contacting all the parties involved in the operation, the winery can rest easy.

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