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Vinoenasia crossborder

The Future of International Trade

We are in the year 2021, and due to covid all Asian markets are closed for commercials. Importers and distributors, in turn, remain cautious when adding new references to their portfolio, since they do not know when they will have to close their establishments due to quarantine. It is indeed a difficult situation to expand in China. ​


But what about the online market? It has never been better! The problem is that, to be able to go online, they traditionally needed to have the wine in China, with a very well implemented logistics structure. An investment that could not be allowed at all in any winery. ​ If only there was a simple and cheap way to access the Chinese consumer...

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we introduce:
VinoenAsia crosborder

What is VinoenAsia Crossborder? ​

It is a crossborder store in the form of a mini wechat program. It does not require any download, the buyer only has to scan the QR to enter.


What is it for? ​

Through this app, a winery can sell directly to Chinese consumers without the need to create a structure in China, without a license and, of course, without the need for intermediaries. ​


How does it work? ​

The wineries take the wine they want to our bonded warehouse in Shanghai. There are no minimum requirements, you can start with a single bottle.

1. VinoenAsia prepares the online store for the winery.

2. VinoenAsia processes the customs declaration of wine for crossborder sale. We only need the Certificate of Origin, as well as other basic information about the wine. This process usually takes a week.

3. Finally, the wine is ready to be sold. Customers can place their orders from the app, and the information simultaneously reaches customs and the warehouse, which dispatch the wine within 48 hours. The client receives the wine in 3-5 days. ​ ​


How much? ​

- Customs: Requesting permission for crossborder sales requires €400 / reference.

- Warehouse: The basic service is €0.08 / bottle / month.

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