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VinoenAsia (西酒联盟有限公司 in Chinese and The Wine League in English) is founded to represent differnt Spanish wine brands in Asia, providing the following services:

- Asia-Pacific Consulting.

- Representation at trade fairs.

- International logistics

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VinoenAsia Import


We add VinoenAsia Import to the list of available services. so that our associated wineries can sell directly to distributors, entrepreneurs, etc.

VinoenAsia Crossborder


VinoenAsia creates one of the first cross-border wine sales platforms in all of China, allowing wineries to sell directly to the consumer without the need to create a structure in China or use intermediaries.

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VinoenAsia Marketing

Coming Soon!

- Tastings through Crossborder

- TikTokMarketing

- KOL Marketing

- WechatMarketing

- Influencer Videos

- Creation of Wechat Official Account for Wineries

- Creation of Articles for Wechat Official Accounts

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